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For sale Ring TSARINA by Sandrine Tessier

The creation of the design took me 3 years of idea, rough, test,… to finalize the drawing that will surrounded this unique Paraïba Tourmaline from depleted mine that as been closed years ago.

This unique Paraïba tourmaline of 1,26cts was the center of the creation, the idea was to sublimate the stone but not to over take on it.

As it’s a unique stone and more fragile then diamond I wanted to protect it. I wanted to when you look at it by the top you only see the Paraïba tourmaline and diamond, and when you look on the front you see all the work on the side with small Paraïba tourmalines, diamonds, and those moon shapes with Plique à- Jour enamel technic in a gradation of turquoise.

This ring as been created in 3D due to the complexity of the design, this ring is made out of 11 pieces all put together to make this amazing ring. 120 Paraïba tourmalines (1,34cts), 134 diamonds (2,5cts of E/F vvs ), 6 plique à-jour turquoise enamel moon shapes and 9,20 grs of palladium gold.

More than 150 hours had been necessary to achieve this unique piece of fine jewelry (without creation and design).



Sandrine Tessier

Address: Saint Honoré, Paris, 75001, France

Contact Name: Sandrine Tessier

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