1 Benetti for sale & CHARTER

As one of the world’s leading luxury yacht brands, Benetti has been crafting stunning vessels for over a century. From its Italian roots to its global presence today, Benetti yachts are renowned for their exquisite design, exceptional craftsmanship, and unparalleled performance on the water.

At For Super Rich, we’re proud to offer a range of Benetti yachts for sale, including some of the most sought-after models in the world. Here are just a few of the standout options:

  1. Benetti 1969: This classic yacht was the very first model crafted by Benetti, and it remains an iconic vessel to this day. With its sleek lines, spacious interior, and elegant details, the Benetti 1969 is a true masterpiece of engineering and design.
  2. Benetti Tradition 100: A modern take on a classic design, the Benetti Tradition 100 combines timeless elegance with cutting-edge technology. With room for up to ten guests, this yacht features spacious cabins, a full-beam master suite, and a range of luxury amenities.
  3. Benetti Crystal 140: For those who demand the very best, the Benetti Crystal 140 is the ultimate choice. With its stunning lines and luxurious interior, this yacht is a true masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship. From the state-of-the-art entertainment system to the stunning sun deck, every detail of the Benetti Crystal 140 is designed to delight and impress.
  4. Benetti Custom: For those who want to create a truly unique yacht that reflects their personal style and preferences, Benetti Custom offers endless possibilities. With a team of expert designers and craftsmen, Benetti can bring any vision to life, crafting a one-of-a-kind yacht that is as beautiful as it is functional.

At For Super Rich, we understand that buying a luxury yacht is a significant investment, and we’re committed to helping our clients find the perfect vessel to meet their needs. With our extensive selection of Benetti yachts and our Elite Sellers of experienced yacht brokers, we can help you navigate the buying process and ensure that you make the best decision for your lifestyle and budget.

Whether you’re a seasoned yacht owner or a first-time buyer, For Super Rich is the ultimate destination for luxury yachts. With our unparalleled selection, expert guidance, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re the go-to source for discerning buyers who demand the very best. So why wait? Contact us today to explore our selection of Benetti yachts and start your journey to yacht ownership.