World Most Expensive Supercars Ferrari for Sale For Super Rich

Ferrari simply sets the standard for the supercar industry. This is evidenced by the question ‘what makes Ferrari a Ferrari,’ instead of ‘what makes Ferrari a supercar.’ The fact that this line of questioning is commonly used by supercar experts and enthusiasts to explain why Ferrari is so special indicates that Ferrari is the yardstick to measure whether other cars qualify as supercars. As supercar lovers, we have all witnessed a friend with any other type of supercar try to justify why their car is special by comparing various aspects of their supercar to Ferrari’s. Ferrari strikes a perfect balance between elegance, comfort, and ultra-high performance, this is ‘what makes Ferrari a Ferrari.’ Also, Ferrari is not only the most recognized brand in the auto industry but also one of the most recognized and loved among all other brands in different sectors globally.

Ferrari LaFerrari

One of the world’s most expensive Ferrari we offer for sale for the super-rich is Ferrari LaFerrari. The LaFerrari for sale is not only the most luxurious high-end supercar but also ultra-classy and one of the fastest supercars in the world. LaFerrari’s sleek interior and elegantly sculptured athleticism design on the exterior attracts attention to your life of luxury. Words cannot explain what makes LaFerrari a Ferrari; you have to experience it to understand. You can buy LaFerrari for sale for the super-rich to understand what makes it a Ferrari.

For sale Ferrari LaFerrari Price $3,240,000

Ferrari F12 TDF

If there is one thing synonymous with Ferrari, it is speed. The company has nurtured and refined engine technology throughout its long and illustrious history spanning over 70 years, ensuring that each Ferrari for sale to the ultra-rich is very fast. This key characteristic of the Italian marque is what makes the used Ferrari F12 TDF for sale for the super-rich a Ferrari.

For Sale Ferrari F12 TDF  Price $925,600

Ferrari 458

One of the reasons behind Ferrari’s unwavering reputation as a blindingly fast supercar for the super-rich can be traced back to its long and illustrious motor racing history and origins. One of Ferrari’s models consistently associated with super-high-speed is the Ferrari 458 Special for sale at a used price.

For Sale Ferrari 458 Price on request

This 458 is unbelievably quicker not only against most other supercars but also against other renowned Ferrari models. One of the key aspects that set Ferrari 458 apart from other ultra-fast supercars is the advanced control mechanism.  As one of the leading and trusted dealers in supercar business, first-time super-rich buyers ask us ‘how will they handle the fast speed of the used Ferrari 458 for sale.’ Ferrari included an engine overrun system on the 458 on sale, which eliminated the burble of a backfire as the engine burns off excess gasoline, allowing for easy handling and comfortable ride.

Ferrari F 430

Originality and authenticity are some of the most important characteristics of the most expensive and attention-grabbing supercars. Ferrari F430 for sale for the super-rich captures this characteristic perfectly because its exterior and interiors were intrinsically designed based on Ferrari’s original legendary models, such as Ferrari 360.

For Sale Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M Price $401,500

Ferrari 430 incorporates advanced supercar technologies into Ferrari’s original designs to highlight how the company has transformed throughout its long and illustrious journey from a world record holder in motor racing to a road-legal supercar for the super-rich.

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