Most Iconic Supercars Bugatti & Pagani

Bugatti and Pagani are the two most expensive supercars in the world for the super-rich.


The reason why the world’s most expensive supercars for the super-rich exist is that they make you stand out from the crowd of rich people. Bugatti fulfils this core purpose of a supercar for the ultra-rich very effectively.

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What makes Pagani so unique from other supercars for the ultra-rich is the limited number of these marvels. The Pagani Huayra and Pagani Zonda are the only two models built by the company. These two models are not just supercars for the super-rich but also unique works of art.

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Each of the Pagani Huayra for sale at a used price was painstakingly hand-crafted in very limited numbers, which means that buying any Pagani for sale in the US will enable you to own a one of a kind supercar. Their unique beauty and scarcity have transformed these supercars from an item of expenditure to investment because they are among a few supercar models whose value appreciates with time. Did you know that Horacio Pagani paid $4.5 million for a Pagani Zonda Coupe that he had previously sold at $1.5, and the car is currently worth $9 million? You can also make an investment buying Pagani Zonda for sale at a used price. The only thing better than driving luxury supercars is driving an ultra-luxury Pagani Huayra without the hardtop. If you wish to buy a Pagani and experience how it feels to drive a piece of art, visit:

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