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A perfect example of what fashion encompasses, the high heel is a synonym of femininity, refinement, and elegance.

A faithful witness to social and cultural changes, its shape and height have travelled through time thus marking its historical representation.

By creating Gabrielle, artist, mathieu Isabelle, reminds us that we must ignore the unfortunate and negative opinions, in order to be able to begin our walk of life on the trail of confidence and righteousness.

Year: 2013

Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 13 feet

Material: Stainless Steel

Photo credits: Leclair Photo

Sculpture Mathieu Isabelle #4096

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Mathieu Isabelle Inc.

Address: 927 Ch du Sommet, Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, J0R 1B0, Canada

Contact Name: Kelly Ann Normandin

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