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For Sale Painting Mille Miglia by Marco Battaglini 155 x 120 cm

Without a doubt, the work of Marco Battaglini (Verona, Italy, 1969) echoes the anxiety inherent in Western society during the 21st century. This artist’s work confronts us with an esthetic shock, a style charged with eclecticism and a touch of humor that brings a smile to the spectator’s face while begging questions about the dogma that underlies current artistic and social scenes.

Throughout his artistic career, Battaglini has maintained a complex working-concept of reality, approaching it from its basis in perception and coming into close proximity with the multidimensionality of being; his purpose has been to expose the contradictions intrinsic to human existence while demonstrating the power of imagination through his view of the reality that surrounds us – a reality that sometimes insists on playing tricks on our perceptions. This is an artist that devotes special attention to the notions of time and space, viewing them as fictitious entities and showing us that their worth and weight in our daily lives are actually quite relative. This modus operandi of snatching reality away and giving it back to us in the form of art gives us the opportunity to see reality from another perspective. Battaglini’s insistence on laying bare the inherent relativity of our lives is a fundamental characteristic of the work featured in this publication; these compositions capture the very essence of an artist whose desire to shatter the conventions of perceivable reality seems linked to a passion for art and his interest in diverse genres. In this fashion, the artist projects a personal universe capable of submerging us in reflection on diverse issues, ranging from the concept of artistic expression to the notion of individual human existence.

ARTPOPCLASSIC captures the main characteristic of Battaglini’s work, specifically the inclusion of elements drawn from classic art alongside elements drawn from Pop art - an inter-textual puzzle rich with references. Here we see classic works of art transported to the present day, re-contextualized in a contemporary artistic and social setting where new messages are sent that require the cooperation of the receiver. This fusion offers us a clear view of the artist’s inclination toward exposing the intrinsic contradictions of the human condition, drawing inferences from the contrasts that result from the juxtaposition of essentially antagonistic artistic styles: the traditional current, with its general connotation of elitist superiority, merged with an art that emphasizes the popular culture of the masses, converging in an attempt to subvert and relativize the value we attribute to Art – with a capital ‘A’. Price on Request

Painting Marco Battaglini #8378

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