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Unique Painting ~Fascination of the Bourgeoisie~ by artist Andreea Sorescu for sale price $5,000,000

Size: 70x100 cm canvas, acrylic

This painting was created to remind us to look deep in our souls.Do not forget your divine nature! Listen, feel, embrace your power!

~Ska Art~

The Private Collection

~The Sacred Women~was created for exclusive people, for true art lovers who they know how to appreciate, to feel when the artist express the real feelings and they invest in real unique creation! Not everyone has this ability to look at a painting and understand the fact that the artist has transported all his energy and feelings into that work of art.

My paintings are about spirituality, purity, rebirth, evolution of human beings and a fear of unknown.At the same time, they show surfacing, composition and decomposition of the soul!

The story behind is that the artists should be valued and recognized for what they do during their life time!

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Painting Andreea Sorescu #10536

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The SKA Art One

Address: Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

Contact Name: Andreea Sorescu

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