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Let me create the putter of your dreams to help you improve, it'll be made especially for


Pierre OCENAC designs and manufactures the only putters ZERO VIBRATION in the world.

They give a ball trajectory unique, strong and above all straight all line long !

Exclusive Putter FIGHTER FC, Gold 24ct Signature by Pierre OCENAC

World Unique Forged Carbon Putter.

Limited Edition out of 250 ex. world.

From $5750

This exceptional innovation is the Supercar of Putters, with ZERO VIBRATION Technology


Blade shape, with an unique body design.

Pure playing sensations and unique impact sound.

Innovative BLACK VELVET TOUCH is ultra-felt.

Solid silver plate, engraved and personalized with your name or motto.

Made to Measure with a 36 points Morpho-Fitting.

PLEASURE of choosing a putter is like solving an equation with 1,000 unknowns.

Pierre Ocenac solves that equation for you and offers you the PLEASURE of choosing the model

and its DESIGN without worrying about any of the technical characteristics.

Pierre Ocenac designs and manufactures the best patented putters, with unmatched

PERFORMANCE. Adapted to your measurements, it will inevitably make you progress and

GAIN POINTS on your scorecard.

People say you have to be IN LOVE with your PUTTER, that you have to FEEL STRENGTH

and confidence. It’s true! But what are golfers really looking for to win? Consistency and

stability. And that is exactly what a putter made for your body type and putting style will

give you.

Through technology and your MORPHO-FITTING data, PIERRE OCENAC can design the

whole balance of your putter and create the perfect putting partner for best precision.





Address: ZAC du Golf • 91, impasse Oihana, BASSUSSARRY, 64200, France

Contact Name: Céline Aussenac

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