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For sale The World's Most Expensive Face Mask COVID-19 18K gold with 3,608 Diamonds:

Israeli luxury Jewelry brand Yvel to present the world’s most valuable COVID-19 protective face mask from Jerusalem.

Yvel a luxury jewelry brand based in Jerusalem, Israel is currently working on a COVID 19 protective mask, ordered by one of its inveterate. The mask provides the highest level of filtration (N-99) and meets the most stringent standards, and is slightly different from the other masks available on the market: it is the most expensive mask in the world, valued at $ 1,500,000.

The mask, designed by Orna and Isaac Levy, Yvel’s owners and designers is made of 250 grams of pure 18k gold, and set with no less than 3,608 natural diamonds, with a total weight of about 210 carats.

The temporary order requires intensive production and fast delivery to the customer, and therefore the production of the mask is entrusted to 25 jewelers and diamond setters who have been carefully selected from the company's staff working in shifts, in order to carry out this special and challenging order.

The customer is one Yvel's most loyal customers who has been purchasing the company's luxury jewelry for decades.

The mask was ordered in an act of financial support to the 150 Yvel employees in Israel and the States, providing them work.

The deadline for the delivery of the mask is set for December 31," says Orna Levy.

Under no situation will it be delayed Isaac adds," In these tumultuous days, every order we receive helps to preserve the company's day to day operations and provide a way of living to the its people.

About Yvel Jewelry:

Yvel is an international luxury jewelry brand, famous for its unique creations that combine the most precious and unique natural resources: rare natural pearls and natural fancy diamonds.

The brand has a rich history of cultivating fine jewelry for over 30 years.

The company was founded by Orna and Ysaac Levy in 1986 is located on the outskirts of Jerusalem and includes a visitor center for domestic and foreign tourists from around the world.

As a company founded on values of Zionism and social contribution, the company has been assisting new immigrants in building their new lives in Israel since its inception. The couple is proud that today over 90% of all Yvel employees are immigrants from 23 countries around the world.

In 2010, the Levys furthered their commitment to the immigrant population, in particular to Israel’s especially vulnerable Ethiopian community. They established the philanthropic Megemeria School of Jewelry & Art to provide professional training and employment opportunities to Ethiopian immigrants to facilitate their integration into Israeli society.




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