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For sale UNIQUE Flying Motorcycle LMV 496 - Lazareth Made in France

The LMV496 embodies the quintessential Lazareth design, futuristic lines and pendulum geometry, combined with outstanding performance and character.


The concept, inspired by the first LM847 model, takes up the latter's visual signature. There is a common DNA on the side of the trim and the Italian rear buckle or carbon wheel covers. In place of the Italian engine, a composite body hides the kerosene tank which gives it a range of ten minutes in flight.

In good hands

The LMV496's riding position and light steering provide immediate grip. The technology related to braking and running gear is directly inspired by Lazareth vehicles. The production of the suspensions was entrusted to our partner TFX Suspension Technology


On the road, the LMV496 is an electric motorcycle with around 100 kilometers of range. The power required for take-off is provided by turbines. The total power delivered is around 1300 horsepower for 2800N of thrust. Switching from road mode to flight mode is done by operating a simple switch on the dashboard.

Motion control

The instrument panel sends flight information directly to the pilot. (Speed, altitude, position, speed of the turbines ...)

Raw materials

The body was made of Kevlar carbon composite. Research and development around this vehicle have enabled the implementation of new internal processes that will benefit other projects.



Lazareth Auto-Moto

Address: 5 Impasse des Prairies Parc d’Activités économiques des Glaisins, Annecy-le-Vieux, 74940, France

Contact Name: Mr. Lazareth

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