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For Sale limited edition 1 on 10 Motorcycle Wazuma V8M Made in France

The Wazuma embodies the quintessential Lazareth design, futuristic lines and W-shaped geometry, combined with outstanding performance and character.


The concept, inspired by the first model of Wazuma V12 is crossed with the indomitable LM847 and takes the visual signature of the latter. We find a common DNA on the side of the engine and the Italian rear buckle or carbon wheel covers.

Motion control

The six-speed automatic gearbox and hydraulic power steering provide immediate grip. The technology related to braking and running gear is directly inspired by Grand Touring cars. The production of the suspensions was entrusted to our partner TFX Suspension Technology


The 4.7-liter Italian V8 develops 460 hp and 520 Nm of torque. It will suffice to wake it up with one hand by operating the throttle grip on the handlebars.

Power is transmitted to the ground via 315mm Michelin tires (285 for the front) mounted on OZ Racing 18 ″ rims .


12 metallic colors to choose from, in addition to special colors such as matte gray metallic, are available to offer you the best possibilities for customization. Accessories such as mirrors and indicators were supplied by Rizoma .

Each body element is made and adjusted by hand, in composite and carbon fiber in our workshops.

Raw materials

The upholstery, produced by Resman-P, is a clever mix of comfort and quality, notably with the use of Lelievre Paris and Alcantara leather.

Limited edition

We produce tailor-made vehicles for you, approved and approved in accordance with French regulations. The Wazuma V8M will be produced in a limited series of ten numbered copies.



Lazareth Auto-Moto

Address: 5 Impasse des Prairies Parc d’Activités économiques des Glaisins, Annecy-le-Vieux, 74940, France

Contact Name: Mr. Lazareth

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