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Catalogue Number: Erleuchten VIII

Collection: “Ironic” (2017-2021)

Name: "Antifa"

Completed: 12-11-2021

Available: January 2022

Height: 23 1/8""

Base Width Side-Side: 10 7/8"

Base Width Front-Back: 11 1/8"

Erleuchten Lamps is a maker of lighting for the luxury market however, during the years 2017-2022 while the “Relic” Collection was being constructed, Matthew (Artist and Owner) needed to express the heaviness in his heart watching the destruction of cities and land around the world by the SJW/Antifa movement in the form of the "Ironic" Collection.

The shade and end-cap are made of wood, sealed and treated to last generations. The base made from hand forged metal wrapped in high quality cord.

IMPORTANT: ”The Ironic Collection” lamps are political pieces and do not light.



Erleuchten Lamps

Address: 18491 North Applegate Road, Grants Pass, 97527, Oregon, USA

Contact Name: Matthew P. Johnson

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