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Catalogue Number: Erleuchten VII

Collection: “Relic” (2017-2022)

Name: "Payseur"

Completed: 12-11-2021

Available: January 2022

Height: 27"

Base Width Side-Side: 10 5/8"

Base Width Front-Back: 12 1/2"

Civilizations now established have a need to expand. Dense populations occupy upward in growing cities converting land into homes. Food production is moved to soil rich regions. Animals are ranged in nutrient rich regions. Minerals are mined in mineral rich regions. Wood is harvested in forest rich regions. New cities and towns built to support thriving commerce and lifestyle. Tying this together in a cost-effective way are the railroads.

“Payseur” is modeled after an antique Railroad Lantern Matthew (Erleuchten Artist and Owner) had as a child with green, round ribbed glass on four sides. Circles on the “Payseur” represents round glass on antique railroad lanterns with straight parallel lines representing ever running railroad tracks that travel in all directions delivering people and goods across the land.

The end cap is plain showing a natural notch in the burl slightly marked representing the strength and pragmatic utility of the railroad infrastructure and workers.

Visualizing a semi foggy, cool dark night dimly lighting an old cozy rural train station somewhere deep in pine filled mountains a low watt frosted bulb is used in the “Payseur”.

Twelve months was spent masterfully hand crafting the "Payseur" lamp. The shade and end-cap are made of wood, sealed and treated to last generations. The base made from hand forged metal wrapped in high quality cord.



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