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Catalogue Number: Erleuchten VI

Collection: “Relic” (2017-2022)

Name: "Pi"

Completed: 12-11-2021

Available: January 2022

Height: 29 3/8"

Base Width Side-Side: 10 5/8"

Base Width Front-Back: 12 1/4"

Planets formed. Children of the Universe begin to populate, in some cases civilizations are solidified. Ubiquitous throughout the Universe and realized at some point by a civilization trying to create order out of chaos, is “Pi”.

June 1st 2008 in Wiltshire, England a crop circle appeared. Retired Astrophysicists Dr. Michael Reed deciphered the crop circle being a representation of Pi rounded properly to the 9th decimal.

Erleuchtens Lamp, “Pi” shows this representation beginning at the center pole, counting outward and down the shade ending in three circles at the middle of the lamp shade. Pi is then counted in reverse from the ninth decimal back to dot three. Encoded in “Pi’s” design is a secret message.

The end cap is carved to display this representation of “Pi”.

“Pi’s” base is the tallest in “The Relic Collection”. The lamp shade is offset more than the other lamps. “Pi”, being based on a crop circle, looks like an intergalactic craft taking off. A higher watt clear bulb is utilized.

Twelve months was spent masterfully hand crafting the "Pi" lamp. The shade and end-cap are made of wood, sealed and treated to last generations. The base made from hand forged metal wrapped in high quality cord.



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