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Catalogue Number: Erleuchten II

Collection: "Relic" (2017-2022)

Name: "Tani"

Completed: 12-11-2018

Available: January 2022

Height: 23 3/4"

Base Width Side-Side: 10 3/4"

Base Width Front-Back: 12 1/2"

The “Tani” Lamp represents math (opposing Golden Spirals) utilized for the universe in the initial creation “bang”, differentiating tightly compressed matter against vastness of space. The birth of stars spawning planets and life.

“Tani” uses a low watt, frosted bulb promoting a relaxing and beautiful amber light projecting gentle and soft nebulous points of light. Viewing the lamp shade directly shows hard points of light, infant stars birthed in the projected nebula. Translucent amber paper-thin wood you see matter that travels in space free of a galaxy or solar system.

Twelve months was spent masterfully hand crafting the "Tani" lamp. The shade and end-cap are made of wood, sealed and treated to last generations. The base made from hand forged metal wrapped in high quality cord.



Erleuchten Lamps

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Contact Name: Matthew P. Johnson

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