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For sale Unique Handmade ARTISTIC STONE WALL GLOBE

• Material: wood, slate, metals, 24k gold

• Dimensions (in): W 77 x H 50 x D 1,5

• Dimensions (cm): W 196 x H 126 x D 4

• Total Weight ( kg): 60

• Piece unique handmade In Italy

This art triptych includes numerous inserts and metals. The metals present are; bronze, copper, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and 24k gold. All the metal inserts are engraved in low relief and also high relief then they are brushed, glazed and hand fixed in a complex mosaic that containing more than 500 different metal pieces.

A good part of the around 500 metal inserts contains engraved writings, more than 400 writings are glazed by hand one by one inside engraving. Each nation is a different insert made with different metal as well as the most important islands and the poles too.

All the metal inserts are mounted on 3 bases made with sheets of genuine grey slate. The stone is all frosted and leveled by hand in order to apply in a planar way all the metal inserts in such a way as not to create height differences between the metals. The slate is contoured, printed ( name of islands, oceans etc.) and is fixed on a wood panel. The oak wood panels are polished by hand with wax.

The perimetral frame is made with stainless steel and more than 150 names of the most important cities of the world were engraved on. The frame includes also 2 small metal world maps that show forest zones and the most populated areas of the world. The most metal inserts made with brass are 24k gold finished.

Painting STONE WALL GLOBE #8754

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