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W Motors is a Dubai-based car company, established originally in Beirut, Lebanon in 2012 by Ralph R. Debbas. W Motors was the first Lebanese manufacturer of sports cars,[2] and is the first Middle-East-based manufacturer of luxury sports cars, or supercars.

Enter the World of W Motors: The Marketplace for the Super Rich and Their Exclusive Vehicles for Sale

W Motors is more than just a car company – it’s a lifestyle brand and a platform for the super-rich to buy and sell their exclusive vehicles. Our lineup of hypercars is designed to appeal to those who demand the very best in luxury and performance, and they are now available for sale on our platform. Each vehicle is a work of art, crafted with precision and care by our team of skilled engineers and designers.

As a W Motors owner, you become part of an exclusive community of individuals who share your passion for luxury and performance. We offer a range of exclusive events and experiences for our customers, from track days to private dinners, all designed to enhance your ownership experience.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell an exclusive vehicle, W Motors is the Marketplace for the richest. Browse our platform today to learn more about our exclusive lineup of hypercars and how you can join the elite group of super-rich individuals who own a W Motors vehicle.