Piaget Exclusive Events Dubai: A Journey Through Timepieces and History

A Brief History of Piaget

Piaget is a renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker and jeweler founded in 1874 by Georges Piaget in the small village of La Côte-aux-Fées. Initially specializing in the production of high-precision movements, Piaget quickly gained recognition for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. Over the years, the brand expanded its offerings to include exquisite jewelry pieces, becoming synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and luxury.

The Event: An Unforgettable Experience

From March 1st to March 3rd, Dubai played host to an extraordinary event organized by Piaget, showcasing the brand’s agility and innovation. As an attendee, Eric Poirier, Owner & Founder of, had the privilege of being welcomed by Manssour Abdelhay, the operational director of Piaget in the United Arab Emirates, into a world where luxury and history intertwine seamlessly.

PIAGET Dubai Event, March 2024 VIP guest Eric POIRIER Owner & Founder of
PIAGET Dubai Event, March 2024 VIP guest Eric POIRIER Owner & Founder of

Immersed in Horology and Craftsmanship

The highlight of Eric’s experience was the opportunity to delve into the world of horology and craftsmanship by participating in a unique activity: building a watch while surrounded by breathtaking historical artifacts from a private collection affiliated with Piaget. From intricately designed timepieces to awe-inspiring relics, the collection offered a glimpse into the rich heritage and culture associated with the brand.

Drawing Inspiration from the Past

Manssour Abdelhay explained to attendees that Piaget draws inspiration for their new jewels from their previous collections dating back to 1969, 1971, 1974, and 1977. It was fascinating to see how the timeless elegance of these past designs continues to influence and shape Piaget’s creations today.

PIAGET Dubai, Private Collection
PIAGET Dubai, Private Collection

Treasures from Piaget’s Private Collection

Among the treasures on display were four pieces from Piaget’s private collection, each hailing from the years 1969, 1971, 1974, and 1977. These pieces served as the cornerstone of the event, showcasing the brand’s evolution over the decades and highlighting the enduring appeal of Piaget’s craftsmanship.

A Celebration of Excellence and Innovation

The event provided a platform for networking and camaraderie among fellow attendees who shared a passion for luxury, craftsmanship, and culture. Engaging discussions and exchanges of experiences enriched the overall event, fostering connections that transcended geographical boundaries.

March 2024 VIP guest Eric POIRIER Owner & Founder of doing assembly of watch movement PIAGET
March 2024 VIP guest Eric POIRIER Owner & Founder of doing assembly of watch movement PIAGET

Reflecting on an Unforgettable Journey

In conclusion, Eric’s time at Piaget’s event in Dubai was nothing short of extraordinary. From building a watch to exploring priceless artifacts, every moment was filled with wonder and appreciation for the rich tapestry of history woven by the brand. It was an experience that not only celebrated Piaget’s legacy but also served as a testament to its enduring spirit of innovation and excellence.

As Eric reflects on this unforgettable journey, he is reminded of Piaget’s commitment to “Always do better than necessary.” Indeed, this event was a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its commitment to pushing boundaries, both in craftsmanship and in creating memorable experiences for its patrons.