Most Luxury Villas sale & rental in St-Barth

The term ‘life of luxury’ is simply defined as living in a state of exuberant elegance while lavishing in great comfort. When it comes to high-end luxury villas for sale and rent for the super-rich, St Barts, St Barth, St Barths or St. Saint Barthélemy is the prime destination you seek. It is undeniable that when it comes to luxurious palatial villas, the most expensive is the only way to go because striking a perfect balance between comfort and elegance in your life of luxury can’t be attained on the cheap. Buying or renting one of the luxury villas in St Barthelemy offered by For Super Rich will call to attention your elegance, richness, lavishness, magnificence, or splendor and convey your arrival to the crème de la crème of the world. Be it for purchase or rent; you won’t go wrong with either Villa Los Leones in Pointe Milou, Villa L’Adrech, and Villa Vitti in Lurin, Villa Bella Vue in St-Jean, or Villa Gouverneur Beauty and Mirage rental villas in St Barts. If you are seeking the most expensive luxury villas for sale in St Barth real estate to highlight your life of luxury, Villa Athena, Villa Bel Espirit, Villa Joy, and Romane in Marigot, or Villa Seascape in Pointe Millou will do the trick perfectly.

For Sale Villa Los Leones in Pointe Milou, St Barts / St Barth P.O.R

Here are the most expensive luxury villas rentals in St Barth / St Barts:

For Rent Villa Palmier Royal Estate 12 BR in Marigot, St Barth / St Barts $230,000/week

For Rent Villa Wake Up 6 BR in Flamand, St Barth / St Barts $172,500/week

This St Barth’s villa for rent is the perfect balance between the highest level of luxury and the relaxed ambiance synonymous with Caribbean beachfront living.

Here are the most expensive luxury villas for purchase in St Barth / St Barts:

Villa Gouverneur Beauty, Mirage, and Views for Sale in St Barth

Acquiring one of these grandiose and luxurious palatial villas for sale or rent in St Barts will enable you to strike a balance between elegance and comfort and experience the true meaning of luxury. If unrivalled luxury, elegance, and magnificence are what you’re seeking in your next palatial residence or for your next holiday, look no further because if you acquire the villas in St Barth for rent, you will fulfill your desires and more.

For Sale Villa Gouverneur Views in St Barth / St Barts P.O.R

This villa represents the crème de la crème of St Barts’ real estate combining the intimacy of a private home with high-end services of a five-star luxury hotel. It offers a very elegant contemporary atmosphere both indoors and outdoors and is located close to some of St Barth’s best-secluded beaches with direct access to the warm and sandy waterfront. If you are looking for an all-inclusive life of luxury experience, this is the ideal high-end villa for rent in St Barthelemy. With their captivating beachfront elegance in supreme comfort, Villa L’Adrech and Villa Vitti in Lurin offer unparalleled definition luxury. These villas for sale in St Barth stand out as undisputed high-end St Barts’ properties in the highly competitive real estate market. The villas’ high-tech and futuristic design and refined sense of elegance along with their ideal location match your high expectations.

For Sale Villa Vitti in Lurin, St Barth / St Barts P.O.R

Here are the most expensive luxury villas for sale in St Barts / St Barth:

Villa Athena in Anse des Cayes and Villa Bel Espirit in Lorient

Sometimes price doesn’t lie, and the most luxurious villas for sale in St Barth are just the most expensive villas in St Barts. Even though Villa Athena and Villa Bel Espirit are situated in different locations, both villas are lavishly decorated and truly decadent, blending nature’s priceless picturesque with high tech amenities to offer unrivaled luxury in a natural, untainted setting.

Villa Joy and Romane in Marigot

Villa Joy and Villa Romane are located in the stunning island of Marigot, St Barthelemy is a unique retreat in the Caribbean with high-end luxury amenities, an infinity pool, a gym, and so on, with a priceless view. These luxurious villas for sale in St Barth strike a perfect balance between reserved royalty and obnoxious exuberance, making Marigot a dream destination if you are seeking privacy and fun.

For Sale Villa Joy in Marigot, St Barth / St Barts $14,524,500

This exclusive and secluded villa for sale in St Barts is perched on a magnificent cliff overlooking the expansive horizon of Caribbean’s crystal blue waters with direct access to the open sea, in the picturesque location of Pointe Milou. The breathtakingly beautiful view from its hanging pool makes it a perfect spot for a relaxing seaside vacation.

For Sale Villa Seascape in Pointe Milou, St Barths / St Barth $14,637,900

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