MaximiliaN: Crafting Unique Jewels with Personalized Astrological Touch


On a fateful Monday, March 4th, 2024, at the Jumeirah Al Naseem Dubai Hotel, amidst the bustling ambiance of a luxury trade fair, Eric Poirier, the visionary owner and founder of the ultra-luxury marketplace, found himself drawn to a captivating display of jewels. Little did he know, this chance encounter would lead him to an extraordinary meeting with Maxim Artsinovich founder of MaximiliaN London, the mastermind behind these exquisite creations.

As Eric navigated through the maze of opulent booths and dazzling displays, one particular showcase caught his eye. Nestled among the glittering array of treasures was MaximiliaN’s boutique, emanating an aura of elegance and sophistication. Intrigued by the allure of these unique jewels, Eric was compelled to learn more about the creative genius behind them.

With curiosity piqued and anticipation building, Eric arranged to meet MaximiliaN at his hotel later that day. Little did he realize that this encounter would not only unveil the secrets of MaximiliaN’s craft but also ignite a profound connection between two visionaries in the world of luxury.

Maxim Artsinovich founder of MaximiliaN London
Maxim Artsinovich founder of MaximiliaN London


Maxim Artsinovich, the founder of a renowned High-Jewellery brand MaximiliaN London, has carved a niche for himself in the industry with his distinctive approach to jewellery making. Hailing from Russia and with a background rooted in his family’s military legacy, MaximiliaN’s journey to success is as intriguing as the jewels he creates.

Maxim Artsinovich, a visionary artist in the world of jewellery, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 1999, establishing his first boutique in London. Over the years, he has meticulously built his brand, investing his own funds to create a luxurious haven for jewellery enthusiasts. Today, his flagship store in Dubai Mall stands tall, nestled between esteemed names like Cartier and Van Cleef boutiques.

MaximiliaN London - Diamond Set
MaximiliaN London – Diamond Set

Unique Creations:

What sets MaximiliaN apart from other jewellery makers is his unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to creating one-of-a-kind pieces. He meticulously selects and crafts each jewel with his own hand-picked stones, ensuring that every creation tells a story of elegance and sophistication.

MaximiliaN London - Diamond Ring Set With Fancy Yellow – Green Heart Shape Diamond
MaximiliaN London – Diamond Ring Set With Fancy Yellow – Green Heart Shape Diamond

Astrological Influence:

One of MaximiliaN’s most intriguing practices is his use of astrology to personalize his creations. By delving into the birth details of his clients’ loved ones, MaximiliaN crafts bespoke pieces tailored to their astrological profiles. Drawing inspiration from the cosmic alignments of the universe, he infuses each jewel with a touch of celestial magic, making it truly unique and meaningful.

Celebrity Endorsements:

MaximiliaN’s exquisite craftsmanship has caught the attention of celebrities and influencers worldwide. Notably, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has been a vocal advocate for MaximiliaN’s brand, endorsing his store and its unparalleled collection of masterpieces.

About MaximiliaN:

Beyond his prowess in jewellery making, MaximiliaN is a multifaceted individual with a diverse array of interests. He is an active presence on social media, often sharing insights into the Dubai real estate market and providing detailed explanations about various gemstones, from where they are sourced to how they are shaped.

MaximiliaN’s passion for animals extends beyond his jewellery work; he is deeply involved in animal rescue efforts and is known for his love of animals. A heartwarming anecdote reveals MaximiliaN’s special bond with nature; during his daily breakfast rituals, birds flock to him, recognizing him as their benefactor.

Moreover, MaximiliaN is a fervent art enthusiast, reflected in his establishment of the MaximiliaN Art Foundation. Through this foundation, he champions emerging artists, curates exhibitions, and supports cultural endeavors. His love for art transcends traditional boundaries, as he seeks to enrich the cultural landscape with his philanthropic efforts.

MaximiliaN is also known for his transparency and outspoken nature. He freely shares his opinions on various topics, including personal politics and life philosophy. This candor has endeared him to his audience, fostering a sense of connection and authenticity.

In essence, MaximiliaN’s journey is not just about creating beautiful jewellery; it’s a testament to the power of passion, creativity, and compassion. Through his diverse interests and unwavering commitment to excellence, he continues to inspire and uplift those around him, leaving an indelible mark on the world of luxury and beyond.

MaximiliaN London
MaximiliaN London

Achievements & Milestones:

1999 – The Birth of MaximiliaN London: As the millennium dawned, the inaugural MaximiliaN boutique emerged in the heart of London. This carefully selected location epitomized the brand’s essence – opulent, diverse, and steeped in aristocratic elegance. Founded by Maxim Artsinovich, a visionary jeweler, designer, and art enthusiast, MaximiliaN London set out to redefine luxury in the world of jewellery.

2002 – Exploration of Precious Stone Deposits: Embarking on a quest across the globe, MaximiliaN London delved into the depths of Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, and Afghanistan in search of majestic emeralds. From the fiery rubies of Burma to the icy allure of sapphires in Madagascar, MaximiliaN London solidified its position as a premier supplier to the most prestigious jewellery houses worldwide.

2011 – Pioneering Diamond Investment Systems: MaximiliaN London introduced its revolutionary diamond investment system, democratizing the world of gemstone ownership and investment opportunities.

2011 – The Genesis of MaximiliaN Art Foundation: Establishing the MaximiliaN Art Foundation marked a significant milestone for the brand. Dedicated to promoting art and nurturing emerging talent, the foundation curated exhibitions, published art books, and supported budding artists. Maxim Artsinovich’s generous donation of a modern stone-cutting art collection to the State Hermitage Museum underscored the brand’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage.

2011 – Dubai Debut: MaximiliaN London made its grand entrance into the vibrant cityscape of Dubai with the opening of its flagship boutique at the prestigious Jumeirah Zabeel Saray hotel.

2012 – The Dawn of MaximiliaN Watches: Venturing into the realm of horology, MaximiliaN unveiled its exquisite chronograph collection.

2015 – MaximiliaN Silver Label Unveiled: In a collaboration with his brother Denis, Maxim introduced the MaximiliaN Silver Label – a new line of jewellery crafted from exquisite silver, offering luxury accessible to a broader audience.

2015 – Celebrating Artistry at the Hermitage: The MaximiliaN Art Foundation sponsored and organized a spectacular exhibition featuring the works of renowned photographer Steve McCurry at the esteemed State Hermitage Museum, showcasing the intersection of art and luxury.

2017 – Dubai Expansion: Continuing its expansion in Dubai, MaximiliaN inaugurated a new boutique at the esteemed Jumeirah Al Qasr hotel, further solidifying its presence in the Emirate.

2018 – Championing Art and Culture: The MaximiliaN Art Foundation embarked on ambitious endeavors to establish the International Center for Art and Culture “The Hermitage in Dubai” and to participate in the international exhibition World Expo Dubai 2020.

MaximiliaN London - Dubai Mall
MaximiliaN London – Dubai Mall

To learn more about MaximiliaN and explore his exquisite creations, visit Maximilian Jewelry

MaximiliaN London - Diamond Ring Set With Paraiba Tourmaline & Burmese Rubies
MaximiliaN London – Diamond Ring Set With Paraiba Tourmaline & Burmese Rubies

This remarkable meeting between Eric Poirier and Maxim Artsinovich was made possible through the introduction of their mutual friend, Tatiana Vishneskaya, founder of MME media. After over two hours of deep conversation, the encounter concluded with a strong and honest handshake, symbolizing not only a meeting of minds but also a shared vision for excellence and innovation in the world of luxury.