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There are a handful of places in the whole world with names that ooze extravagant wealth, and one of them is Dubai. You can brag all you want about all your properties scattered across the world, but your super-rich friends will only pay attention once you mention buying real estate in Dubai. Regardless of whether it is a villa or an apartment, all attention will be on you the moment you mention owning a property in Dubai. Fortunately, has the most expensive real estate, villas, homes, houses, penthouses, and apartments for sale in Dubai, with the starting price of $9.5 million up to no limit. The most expensive villas offered by for sale in Dubai are located in Palm Jumeirah for between $25 million and $35 million.

For Sale Villa XXII Carat in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE  Price $24,978,500

What are the benefits of buying a home, house, villa, apartment, or a penthouse in Dubai?

But why the obsession with Dubai? The only reason life of luxury and practicality seem to be worlds apart is because it is extremely rare to find a place that offers both, except Dubai. In terms of weather, Dubai is warm and sunny all year round except a few showers in January. If you buy a villa in Dubai for sale, you are guaranteed a full-year of summer while you flaunt your riches to the world. In terms of location, Dubai is at the center of the world a short flight to major economic capitals of the world. As you conduct your multi-billion dollar business across the world from East to West, North to South, distance and time can be a misery. Long distances can’t be paid off in exchange for shorter distances, and you can’t buy a few minutes here and there to increase your time unless you buy a home in Dubai. You are buying a house in Dubai, cutting your travel distance to and from major destinations in half, which will increase the time to indulge yourself in exuberant luxury offered by this one in a million city. This perfect balance between practicality and luxury can only be enjoyed if you buy an apartment for sale in Dubai.

The statement ‘living a practical life of luxury’ feels very odd like something an alien would say because of it extremely rare and alien to most, except for the super-rich living in Dubai. This magical city is not only one of the fastest-growing cosmopolitan for the super-rich in the world but also offers world-class education and healthcare, making it perfect for you to raise your family in a life of luxury. All you have to do is buy a home for sale in Dubai for you and your family to live a practical life and a life of luxury, both at the same time. Numerous locations around the world offer the same level of luxury as Dubai but without investment opportunity, which is impractical.  Dubai is both extremely luxurious and very practical, offering you numerous investment opportunities as well as an eclectic mix of lifestyles and cultures, making this magical city a prime destination for the super-rich.  Why should you stop making money to partake in your life of luxury when you can buy luxury properties in Dubai for sale and do both?

For Sale Penthouse Marina 23 Tower in Dubai Marina, UAE  Price on Request

Dubai never fails to intrigue and impress, with beautifully designed skyscrapers and world-class infrastructure along with scenic water bodies, sculptured islands, and idyllic spots for quiet reflection. Buying a penthouse in Dubai will provide you both high-end luxury amenities and natural beauty in equal doses. From housing, the world’s tallest skyscraper to the most beautiful artificial islands, buying houses in Dubai for sale offers more than any other location for the super-rich in the whole world.

For Sale Villa Palatial in Emirates Hills, Dubai, UAE Price $27,226,000

If being super-rich is always good, more money on top of your riches will always be better, right? Did you know that Dubai offers rental yields more than double of what is offered by other major cities across the world? If you buy a house in Dubai, you can live in this magical city and escape the harsh winters back home. When its summer back home, you can rent out your home for a little bit more money on top of your riches, which is always better. These are benefits of buying luxury real estate in Dubai for sale, a city for the super-rich that offers practicality and luxury without compromise. You can also live your life of luxury while enjoying the benefits of practicality if you buy real estate in Dubai.

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