Luxury Real Estate Miami & Fisher Island

Known as ‘Magic City,’ Miami is synonymous with wealth and beauty. From Miami Beach, Star Island, to Fisher Island, Miami has more than earned its position as America’s most popular destination for the super-rich. Owning luxury real estate in Miami Beach, Star Island, or Fisher Island is a feat reserved exclusively for the obnoxiously wealthy. Fortunately, offers the most expensive luxury real estate, apartments, homes, and houses for sale in Miami Beach, Star Island, and Fisher Island, starting from $15 million and above. You can experience the true meaning of living a life of luxury in paradise if you buy one of the houses in Miami for sale.

For sale House 4 Tahiti Beach Island Rd in Miami, USA  $34,000,000

Why should you buy homes and houses for sale in Miami?

For one, Miami’s miles of pristine white sandy beaches teeming with activities is unrivaled by any other playground for the super-rich. It is said that the best thing about Miami is the city’s proximity to America. As a melting pot of cultures, Miami’s perfectly blended culture and highly diversified society make it uniquely different from other American cities. Regardless of whether you buy a home for sale in Miami Beach, downtown Miami, or Star Island, you’ll still be living a-stone-throw away from beautiful people in one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world.

For Sale House STAR ISLAND 1 Star  Island Dr in Miami Beach, USA  $32,000,000

Another reason why Miami is so special is the weather and an enticing party atmosphere. Magic city is not only the party central of America but also blessed with perfectly warm weather all year round. Buying one of the houses in Miami for sale offers you the opportunity to flaunt your wealth all year round, with yachts, supercars, and so on.  It is undeniable that your cuisine defines your elegance, status, and life of luxury. As a melting pot of cultures, Miami is renowned for its unique, mouth-watering cuisines. You can immerse and indulge yourself in Florida’s renowned cuisines if you buy a luxury home for sale in Miami.

For Sale House 2920 N Bay Rd – Miami Beach, USA Price $35,000,000

Miami is not only exotic but also radiates extravagant wealth and elegance with unparalleled beauty and charm. Owning one of the houses for sale in Miami will exceed your expectations in every single way. If you are seeking a home and a vacation all rolled in one, you should buy one of the luxury homes for sale in Star Island. You can communicate your high status as you indulge in your life of luxury by buying a house in Miami Beach. Additionally, these real estates for sale in Miami are not just for luxury but also an investment because you can rent it out when you are away.

Why should you buy penthouses and apartments for sale in Fisher Island?

Even though owning real estate in Miami is for the wealthy, Fisher Island’s real estate is exclusively for the wealthiest. According to Forbes, Fisher Island has a median of over $1 million, making it the richest zip code in America. Located off the tip of South Beach, 3 miles from the shores of Miami, Fisher Island is a luxury community for the wealthiest of the wealthy. From Oprah Winfrey, Andre Agassi, Julia Roberts, Mike Fratello, just to name a few, Fisher Island is undeniably the headquarters of the wealthiest in America. Buying an apartment in Fisher Island for sale from $21 million and above proclaims your life of luxury in more ways than one. The luxurious penthouses for sale in Fisher Island feature lavish details and perfectly manicured gardens, these real estate properties were designed to enable you to indulge in opulence and high-end luxury. Being accepted into this 216-acre members-only tropical paradise proclaims to the world your arrival to the inner circle of the super-rich of the world.

For Sale Apartment FISHER ISLAND 5203 Fisher Island Drive in Miami, USA  $21,000,000

As an oasis of tropical landscaping with palm trees and flowery plants, Fisher Island offers both the aesthetic beauty of nature and the comfort of world-class amenities in equal doses. The apartments for sale in Fisher Island offer a spectacular panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay, and the stunning downtown Miami skyline all for your enjoyment. With beautiful Mediterranean architecture along a private shoreline and around a golf course, Fisher Island is the prime location for you to buy real estate in Miami.

To live a life of luxury, visit and buy at least one of the luxury real estates for sale in Miami and Fisher Island.

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