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Eric Poirier Owner of Interview for Le Globless by Ivana Vierikova
Eric Poirier Interview in Monaco for Le Globless by Ivana Vierikova.                     Photo by Nicolas Delafraye

The world of millionaires and the super-rich is for the ordinary people a complete taboo. The chasm between the extreme poverty and the extreme wealth has probably never been so great. I would be interested in how the Covid-19 affected the more prominent part of the population.

And there has led met the business-friendly coffee on the following morning. In the centre of Monaco with elegant Eric owner of “ The Luxury Marketplace for the Richest”. It is a businessman & self- made Entrepreneur who swims in the world of “multi“ and does business with absolute excellence.

Me: Eric, please, tell me how this idea of creating the first trade and shopping space for the richest came into being? Do people like to show off their wealth?

Eric: It is very straightforward Ivana (laughter)… People do like to show off their success and luxury is a natural result of the extent of your success. There are, of course, some differences. I believe it is more about nationality or culture. The Europeans protect their privacy, Americans are extroverted, very similar to Russians. They like the most expensive, the greatest and of the best quality. They love the super luxurious lifestyle. The United Arab Emirates are somewhere in between. I really very much like this type of clients, I know their needs very easily and I simply offer them exactly what they are looking for. In this context, money plays no role, what is important is the attitude, promptness, communication and, of course, trustworthiness and a good name. I am searching for the best of the best from the whole world. And the Covid? Hmm … it simply made the super- rich even richer and the poor even poorer. Over the first month’s stress reigned at the market and we were all a bit afraid, but the future gives opportunity for the ready and the calm. I was just about to prepare projects, communicating with clients and engaged with following questions: How I am going to do the marketing? How will the meetings take place? How will I ensure the growth of the company? How to contact the right people? With hindsight, I don’t perceive a decline in the sale, it just grew online. Those who had money prior to Covid, have them today as well. I am just doing the best that I can and keep focus, featuring the most unique and high-quality goods.

Me: I can imagine how challenging the marketing strategy and reaching out to potential clients might be. It must be really hard to get to the right people. Multi Millionaires probably don’t tend to let anyone into their private space. How were the beginnings?

Eric: At first, I have to say that I did not invest into marketing a single dollar, I built everything on my own. LinkedIn and my strong international existing networks helped me much more, at the beginning. I invited many to join my network, sent them messages and contacted them with a request for a meeting. I was traveling a lot and visited the most luxurious places and events. I am just writing some messages, now and then people reply, now and then we meet and from time to time we seal a deal and sometimes no. I am never making pressure or stressing, I am well versed in all information about the client and I try to be ready for everything. Business is all about people and my business mirror me and my personality. “It is a bit about selling a bit about buying…“ I am constantly in contact with a client and inform him briefly about news on the page, I try to maintain some sort of mysteriousness. I never write the price for the really exclusive pieces. That would be pity.

Me: Is it important to control the background of your clients? Their financial stability and so on…how do you going about this? How do you check the products placed on your website and the originality of the artistic objects?

Eric: This business is delicate. I must to control everything, sometimes it is a bit too tiring, but in the case of the sale of a Superyacht worth $145,000,000, it is a necessity(mandatory). The control has to be on both sides. I collaborate with verified companies which have long-standing tradition and I choose only the best on the market, from the top Artists, Supercars dealerships, Yacht Brokers to the Real Estate agencies such Sotheby’s and Magazines witch I am friend with most of the Editor-in Chief from Russia, Miami, Beverly HiIls & Monaco. When talking about the clients, it is going quite similarly. I am looking for how long they are in business. Who are the buyers? What experience does the market have with them? How much they buying? What is the financial background of the company? The control is necessary, it is still a business, thus it has to be safe and fair. I also checked you before we met and ready for you hahaha …. I want to be prepared for everything. I need to be well informed for every possibility and all circumstances, otherwise I could not do this. If I did not believe in myself, did not invest and did not focus exclusively on success, it would work out. Everything that I tried just had to work out and I was doing it to the best of my ability

Me: Do you have in your portfolio an ultra-luxurious Artwork, Masterpiece, Supercar, Property for which you developed a liking?

Eric: This is very simple; my affair of the heart is Ahton. AHTON is a dragon which weights 5 kilos of pure gold and decorated with 7739 Diamonds and two rubies, created by GIBERG artist sculptor from Switzerland witch I meet several times in Monaco last year. This Unique Art has mystical energy, means revival and a discovery of the one’s huge energy and potential. Ahton represents the credo of the company Giberg Swiss Noble Forge in its most interesting and mighty form: to create a unique masterly piece of work in its best possible quality. Ahton took 5 years to be made. It is really Unique, something truly special.

Me: And Eric how is the communication with your clients going on?

Eric: Celebrities, Sports athletes and Businessmen are my main target groups, those I meet in Cannes, St-Tropez, the French Riviera (raise here) and mostly here in Monte Carlo witch my network is the strongest. I am in the business for more than 25 years and love my work, otherwise I could not do it. My clients are ultra-luxurious people UHNWI & HNWI, so the communication with them is important and crucial. I am always in contact with them, I remember all the details from our common communication. I wish them for Christmas, holidays, congratulate on success as well as share information. I spend my life on the road, I am constantly on events, a couple of days in Monaco, then France and Switzerland. Right after Budapest is waiting, where I will have a meeting with the CEO of the most famous luxury Magazine in Hungary for the September issue. Later in the autumn if we can travel without quarantine I will go back “home” (I am French & Canadian citizen) in Montreal Canada our Headquarters for continuing developing the North America market. I also join elite events such as Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco, Montreal & Abu Dhabi witch we have a partnership with one of the organizer of before & after party with the pilots.  Art Gallery events such as Art Basel in Miami, Yacht shows (Monaco, Cannes, Dubai and Miami) and Real Estate convention here are great source of built and increase networks and LinkedIn helps a lot in the communication, I don’t really like Instagram, because is rife with falsities, people pretend something a lot of “mythos” in the world of luxury. They wake up one day and they think with one selfie they will be “Rich & Famous “ ahahah it doesn’t impress me at all and their Facebook is full with poor quality information. I rather prefer quality media and news. Prior to the project I was studying business a lot and keeping an eye on the rivals, their strong and weak aspects and wanted to be the best. It does not suffice to be good, you have to be the best and different, somehow differentiate yourself from the average. My business has to be unique, otherwise you cannot make a breakthrough. I want only the best, for illustration with regards to the Real Estate for sale starting at the level of +$9.5 million, inside our category “Travel” starting price +$25,000/week up to $230,000/week for a villa in St-Barth or St-Tropez, we also have available the ranch of Kevin COSTNER in Aspen Colorado for $30,000 a night. And the most luxurious charter Superyachts starting at +$150,000/week or Private Jet and BBJ (Boeing Business Jet).


If you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you never reach success. Only while facing challenges we can progress and reach great results, overcome fear and do things differently. Meetings with people like Eric Poirier “Owner and Founder of The Luxury Marketplace of the Richest.  “ForSuperRich” are for me always a great inspiration and at the same time a reassurance that everything on the earth is possible- it is enough to want and to believe in life. Meeting people, share information and open up to the world Le Globless.  Live for this moment, right here, right now.

Thank you IVANA VIERIKOVA, Read full article click here.