Discover Villa Panoramic Views in Villefranche Sur Mer, French Riviera

Experience Luxury in Villefranche Sur Mer

Nestled in the prestigious Villefranche Sur Mer on the French Riviera, this magnificent villa offers a unique blend of contemporary luxury and absolute privacy. With a rental price of approximately $43,253 per week, this exquisite property promises an unforgettable stay, surrounded by breathtaking views and world-class amenities.

A Villa That Redefines Luxury

Located in the heart of Villefranche Sur Mer, this luxurious villa is a testament to elegance and sophistication. The property spans 445 square meters and can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests in its six beautifully appointed bedrooms. The villa features an indoor swimming pool carved out of natural rock, providing a serene and unique swimming experience. Additionally, it offers modern gym facilities equipped with the latest technology, perfect for maintaining your fitness routine during your stay.

Parking is available on the premises, ensuring convenience for guests with vehicles. The villa’s exclusivity is further enhanced by its private cinema room, ideal for enjoying movie nights in a lavish setting. Every corner of this residence is designed to offer an extraordinary level of comfort and style, making it a perfect retreat for those seeking luxury and relaxation.

Unmatched Amenities and Services

Indoor Swimming Pool

One of the villa’s standout features is its indoor swimming pool, exquisitely carved out of natural rock. This unique design element not only provides a serene swimming experience but also adds to the villa’s enchanting ambiance.

Modern Gym Facilities

Stay fit and healthy with the villa’s fully equipped gym, featuring the latest in fitness technology. Whether you prefer a morning workout or an evening session, the gym offers everything you need for a comprehensive exercise routine.

Private Cinema Room

For those who enjoy entertainment, the villa includes a private cinema room. Equipped with high-quality audiovisual systems, it’s perfect for movie nights or watching your favorite shows in style.

Gourmet Dining with Michelin-Starred Chef

Indulge in gourmet dining experiences with menus crafted by a Michelin-starred chef. The villa’s dedicated culinary team ensures that every meal is a culinary delight, prepared with the finest ingredients and presented with impeccable service.

Eco-Responsible Philosophy

In addition to its luxurious offerings, the villa embraces an eco-responsible philosophy. Sustainable practices are integrated into the daily operations, ensuring that your stay is not only luxurious but also environmentally conscious.

Convenient Proximities

  • Town Centre: Close proximity to local shops and attractions

  • Airport: Easy access to nearby airports

  • TGV Station: Convenient for high-speed train travel

Rent This Dream Villa Today

For those seeking an extraordinary vacation experience on the French Riviera, this villa is the epitome of luxury living. Managed by John Taylor, a leader in luxury real estate, this property promises an unparalleled experience.

Book your stay today and immerse yourself in the ultimate luxury at this stunning villa in Villefranche Sur Mer.

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